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I had my doubts. But then you hit me with the funk.

I'm sorry that I had my doubts. Good beat all around, got some style and chill vibes to it.

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This is a good sound, definitely see this being used in an RPG or an animated setting. I just had a hard time relating because, well... I don't know the story behind the song. Would like to hear some more of your stuff.


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A couple things.

1.) This is trippy. In a good way.
2.) That was a pretty good replication of GLaDOS's voice, I was skeptical at first, but then it sounded just like her.

Anyways, good song and mix. Would like to hear more, as you get better with making the music.

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sakesensei responds:

Thank you alot for your input.
I try hard to get a little better everyday.
I'm very glad you enjoyed this song. Cheers!

This that funky shit. Good stuff, smooth as hell.

Zooloo75 responds:

Thanks :)

You have a good voice for this. Make more!

UsVsDeath responds:

I really appreciate all the feedback, I hope to make more in the future. Seriously tho, thanks for the reviews, it helps.

The style is badass, just needs some mastering and this could sound solid as fuck man. Do you do collabs?

UsVsDeath responds:

A collab sounds interesting, but atm we don't have the time. Hopefully one day we can.

Pretty good shit! Gonna have to check your profile. I enjoyed it dude, the beat is trippy as hell.

UsVsDeath responds:

Thanks for checking our stuff out, we appreciate the feed back!

Not bad, this sounds leagues better than what I was making for a long time, trust me!

As for constructive criticism, one thing I tell every one, is that in a hip hop beat, or any instrumental like this, the drum work and sound of the drums overall carry the music along. You want the kick to stand out a little more, I would suggest looking into YouTube for some EQ and Mixing tutorials, as the process is a little too extensive for a simple type out on Newgrounds. The idea behind it, is that you are going to be cutting out unnecessary frequencies in all of your instruments. So say, you have a high pitched synthesizer, you would want to remove the low end frequencies and maybe even some of the low-mid freqs as well. If you are using FL Studio, it comes with a handy equalizer in the mixer called "Parametric EQ2," as for other DAWs, I have no advice because I have used FL Studio for awhile!

Another relevant point to make about the drums, is that you want all the instruments to be quieter on the mix than the Kick and Snare. It lets the beat itself stand out a bit more, and gives your listeners a feel for the flow a little better. It may sound quiet at first, but if you look into some tutorials on how to use the limiter correctly on the master insert, then you should be golden.

I highly suggest looking into tutorials to get the gist of mixing and mastering, but NEVER follow a BEAT MAKING tutorial, it will seriously cloud your music-making judgement, it's a trap that I feel for a long time ago, and I am just now trying to get my own sound out. Please, message me again if you would like to speak further or ask questions, I am always willing to help! Sorry if this is not adequate information, but the music making process as a whole is just that; a process! Good stuff though, don't ever give up on these things if you love to do it. Peace!


Funky sound! Badass!

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4cat responds:

Thanks dood :-)

I dig the progressive ambiance, the way that the song flows through the orchestral is solid, and the song feels like the story you are portraying. It does end a little abruptly, but this is a minor factor as you can always change it, if you wanted! Releasing a song on hear does not mean it is a journey not worth retracing :D Solid style, and good use of instruments. Maybe mess around with slight effects and sound mixing a little more and boom! Although, I am not sure how open East West Symphonic Orchestra is!

On a second note, the song sounds good in loop. I just think it ended a little suddenly! Good song!

Hello. My name is J.P., and I am both a musician, and a producer. I am practicing as much as I can, trying to get better and better at making sounds shine. I am going to offer up services as a producer to help master finished products. -PM FOR INFO-

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