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Good loop, but I see potential for more, here! Keep making us music!

It happens. I am glad to see you can put your pain into music. It's inspiring, and it shows strength of mind.

I love music for this reason. Very raw. I can feel the song, and I like that.

Do these ideas come to you willingly? Do you have to pre-meditate? Or do you just compose?

Wow. I it takes me back somehow, to the golden GBC days. Thank you.

I feel like collaborating with you could produce some psychedelic awesome work. Not insinuating anything, just trying to say that your music is so chill that I can feel my spinal cord melting. In a good way.

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DJMERKEREE responds:

Thanks dude, a collaboration sounds awesome. PM me with what you had in mind.

You are my hero. I could not even try to make this kind of music, it sounds so fantastic.

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Azhthar responds:

Hey! Thanks a lot for the nice comment! Reviews like this really keep the motivation alive...

What subgenre would you call this song? It's so enticing, it's dark but in a really good way.

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HowardWimshurst responds:

Thanks! The drum beat signature is closest to dubstep, however I didn't want too much of the electronic stuff instead favoring analogue sounds such as the quire and the bells. I'm mostly a hip hop producer by nature so maybe there's some hip hop in there too.

Oh, I do like a good mind fuck. A little more mastering and I could jam this out. I dig the sudden changes, like getting slapped in the face by a hooker you just paid to slap you in the face. It seems like the work of a frantic mind, and I can guarantee you had fun making it.

I feel like I am in a post-apocalyptic general goods store, somewhere in a foreign country. I like it.

ForgottenDawn responds:

Hah, that's a good one. Meanwhile, in Eastern Europe...

Hello. My name is J.P., and I am both a musician, and a producer. I am practicing as much as I can, trying to get better and better at making sounds shine. I am going to offer up services as a producer to help master finished products. -PM FOR INFO-

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