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Organic. Soulful. This is good music, friend. I get good vibes from this. Who is your biggest musical inspiration? It doesn't have to be any artist in particular, or even human. Just, what drives this music for you? Where does it come from?

kirbybro4 responds:

thanks man! :) and for the inspiration i think something that definitely drives me is passion. i looove music and i loovvee people :). i have a passion for people, things, life, everything! :D. and yea you know its really amazing the language that is spoken through art, its truly amazing. This piece was something i was coming up with and i was using those sounds you hear here and to me it felt like winter and snowflakes and all that joy and fun and everything and then ice skating came to my mind and i knew thats what i wanted the name to be :). i have never gone ice skating yet but i will definitely go ice skating one day and i will play this as i ice skate lol. This and Vince Guaraldi's Ice Skating :DD. You make music and the music is you ya know its all your emotion and passion and everything that is you and yeahh its amazing <33 loll

Wow... Inspiring stuff. Only drawback is that I wish I had the full versions. Especially that second song.

Sheodon responds:

Say no more! This album is available on my bandcamp site (I'll upload it to my personal site soon). Follow this link to access and download the project:


I like the sound of this. Is this an upcoming album? Or group of music? Or is it for a game? I am intrigued!

Sheodon responds:

It is my upcoming album that was designed both for listening (as an experimental project mixturing both classical and modern elements of music), but the pieces themselves works perfectly fine as a video game soundtrack. I'm really glad you like it, I'll post more info about it as soon as there is an update!

You have one of my favorite rap voices. Sick beat and spit, man. I like the real shit.
I would like to enlist you, as one artist to another, in perhaps working together. I am very interested in working with the community to make some music worth listening to, together.

DJaxsNG responds:

Thanks :D really appreciate it.

I love the simplicity of the sounds, yet I can tell you worked on getting the sounds to fit just right. I like minimalistic work, because it gives you more time to focus on fine tuning the sounds at hand, instead of constantly trying to upgrade each sound. Perhaps we should just start putting our combined sounds together? Maybe we could each start working on a track, send it to each other, and add and edit upon it ourselves, we could make two songs together, or just throw one back and forth, or whatever! Just toss me a PM if you feel like a little collab work!

I dig it! VG music is always cool, and this stuff seems right at home with the genre. Good stuff :D

Ah, Kingdom Hearts. You've struck a lovely brain chemical. Kingdom Hearts was a very refreshingly original take, it was crafted by people who really cared deeply for this other realm. I dig the homage.

Time to play KH again.

RealFaction responds:

Thanks! :)

I think it is definitely "epically generic." It sounds like run of the mill techno, but it isn't. It sounds good, really good sound effects and that kick drum, umph.

That was me air humping your kick drum.

DJ-Infinity responds:

Glad you find it so sexy :P

I would ask questions, but I believe I will just let you know that this song is batshit grade A awesome. It's quirky and upbeat and I feel good and now I also want a Turkish Chinchilla.

MistyEntertainment responds:

Thanks man! That means a lot.

Is this you on the vocals? This song (everything (seriously) beat, lyrics) is tight as fuck. Flows mad decent. Respect.

Southwest-MC responds:

Yes it is me on vocals! Really glad you're feeling the track, thank you for taking time to listen. Always working on new material.

Hello. My name is J.P., and I am both a musician, and a producer. I am practicing as much as I can, trying to get better and better at making sounds shine. I am going to offer up services as a producer to help master finished products. -PM FOR INFO-

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